Give me a camera and some spare time, and eventually, when there's nothing left to shoot, I'll end up taking dorky self portraits. It's inevitable and always happens. I can't help it.  It must be genetic. I come from a very creative family.

It all started back in a cowboy town in Wyoming. I took up surfing and moved to California. I took up mountain climbing and moved to Washington. I met a girl, made her my wife (or is that the other way around), anyway we now live happily in Colorado.

Over those years, I managed to get a degree in biology, did field botany research on an endangered species and, started a graphic design business out of college which then paved the way to a very happy creative career where I move pixels and brandish an Xacto knife... for good and not evil.

I've worked at ad agencies and design shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, like BBDO, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, Priscaro & Hukari, RKR, KPR, Harrison Wilson & Associates, and Dudnyk Healthcare.  Now, I freelance.

I've created ads for major print media, collateral, brochures, sales materials, sales presentations, POP, event posters, trade show booth graphics, videos, web sites, web banners, product labels, packaging, logos, stationery, paper flip-books, clothing, GUIs, tarot cards, and even designed a control panel that was used on some science equipment on the very first space shuttle.  Yes, that was me.

In my spare time, I volunteer for Boulder County Parks and Open Space to restore and monitor wildlife habitat. I also operate (with my partner and wife) the local IRS VITA site that prepares income tax returns for free.  Which is funny, since I'm the world's worst accountant.  Sometimes, when I don't have anything else to do, I like to read math books and do word problems for fun.

If you need help assisting surgery, fixing your airplane, or someone to teach you dog how to speak french, you'd better ask someone else.  However, if you need smart targeted ideas, creative thinking, and effective design, I'm your guy.

Thanks for visiting and reading this far.